Johnny The Healer aka Johnny Tabaie is proud to announce the most powerful Stem Cell Therapy. This is our newest addition to an already very powerful treatment method. Offering the most innovative holistic natural approach to healing the mind the body to soul.

Johnny Tabaie aka Johnny The Healer created The Holistic Sanctuary 10 years ago, he has taken by storm the holistic health movement by creating and pioneering this new paradigm of healing.

Treatments like Massage therapy, Reiki sessions, Kundalini Yoga, HBOT hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber sessions, daily iv drips NAD+, Amino drips, O-Zone infusion therapy, Ayahuasca ceremonies, Ibogaine treatment, DMT sessions, Stem Cell treatment, holistic dentistry and much more.

The unique and carefully weaved holistic modalities create the most effective and innovative therapy protocols ever created to date. With 80% success rate, patients are not prescribed addictive or toxic medications, or undergo countless hours of talk therapy group therapy and psychobabble instead they are they receive 150 hours of holistic one on one in a four-week inpatient program.

Patients who suffer from depression, PTSD, anxiety, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, medication dependency all enroll to experience this life changing healing method.

The five-star reviews all over the Internet showcases to success, effectiveness and healing potential of Johnny Tabaie’s healing center.

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Phone No: +1-310-601-7805
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
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