Bartering for products and services is an art that’s as old as humanity itself, and it’s starting to have a real resurgence right now. Global pandemics, international conflicts and economic uncertainties have arguably brought people closer together, and many are now looking for a fairer, more affordable way to trade. 

Online bartering is putting a modern spin on the concept, and one company is on a mission to make exchanging skills more popular than ever.

Starter Barter is a platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to share their skills without having to pay any fees. Unlike other freelance sites, it’s not about monetising services. Instead, Starter Barter is about mutual exchange – for example, a copywriter may offer their writing services in return for a new website or app.

This is good news for freelancers, who have been hit particularly hard  during the COVID lockdowns.  A recent UK survey found that 75% of creative freelancers had seen a dramatic decrease in work since the start of the pandemic, with 64% seeing their incomes drop by over a half. While some work has been available through freelancing sites, commission fees are high (averaging 15%) and so is competition. Many have applied for grants and hardship loans but found themselves ineligible, and the constant stress has had an impact on mental health too.

Starter Barter is a completely free community for freelancers who want to find skills to help their own businesses thrive, while helping others at the same time. Those who connect on the platform agree to work for each other without a fee, each benefiting from the exchange. It’s open to a diverse range of freelancers, from designers and writers to software engineers, accountants, bookkeepers and marketing professionals .

The bartering element is part of a three-pronged approach by the people behind Starter Barter. The company is introducing three new platforms in 2022 – the freelance bartering site, a matching platform for founders and entrepreneurs, and a freelancer platform to act as an alternative to the traditional model.

Founder and CEO Mike McKie said, “It’s a challenging agenda, but one we’re determined to execute. Freelancers and entrepreneurs represent a vital and vibrant sector of the global economy. It’s time for a fairer, more transparent approach to freelancing and we’re believe in treating our members like mature business people rather than extracting fees for their hard work.”

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