The Blockchain Startup revolutionizing online payments

Capetown, South Africa Recently, BITSEC has announced the launch of tts utility token. BITSEC, a blockchain startup, has managed to achieve what most cryptocurrencies only dream they could achieve. BITSEC is a BEP20 Token that is taking cryptocurrency usability to a completely different level. The company has a platform where holders of the cryptocurrency can be able to carry out the following payments seamlessly using BITSEC.

  1. Pay for mobile recharge, Data and utility bills (Electricity, pay TV, water etc) in more than 190 countries worldwide in partnership with more than 600 technology companies.
  2. Shop in more than 1400 selected retail outlets worldwide
  3. Pay for insurance and Gift cards used for shopping on various online platforms
  4. Payment method for leading betting companies worldwide.
  5. Powers one of the biggest cryptocurrency sports betting platform


BITSEC is determined to set very high standards in the cryptoverse. The idea is to have a cryptocurrency that will carry out day to day payments just like how FIAT works. BITSEC is designed to answer the log standing question of how to marry FIAT and cryptocurrency. The Token works seamlessly as far as online payments are concerned and all the platforms are fully functional

  1. BITSEC also powers a sports betting platform This sports betting website has very unique features that will propel it to massive success. Some of the features are:
  2. Refer any user and earn $1 anytime they deposit at least $10. Works for both direct referrals and indirect referrals
  3. Refer a user and earn 5% of all the staked amount whether they win or lose the bet.  Works for both direct and indirect referrals (Indirect referrals are referrals referred by your referrals)
  4. Rewarding the highest loser in a particular match or matches

With the global sports betting market size valued at USD 66.98 billion, is determined to control at least 1% of this huge industry by the end of the year 2022. This will give BITSEC massive capitalization and huge value appreciation.

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