06/22/2022 – Lutz, Florida: At Attenutech, our company has the commitment to provide the best radiation protection in high-risk surgical and Interventional procedure environments. In fact, our always evolving and constantly available team of radiation experts manufacturing professionals offer the best solutions available for radiation protection.  We provide affordable and applicable solutions through state-of-the-art technologies and modern equipment. However, optical safety during radiation is one of our biggest priorities for our customers. In fact, we are proud to provide optimum eye protection for those that work in radiation involved environments. We are exceptionally glad to bring our customers a strong, carefully selected line of lead glasses.

However, we are also excited to showcase our collection of Fitover lead glasses for radiation exposure. These glasses offer the same level of ideal protection against the harmful effects of scatter radiation as regular lead glasses do. But, the Fitover glasses are perfect for those that love their regular prescription glasses and do not want to take them off while they work or go through a procedure. The Fitover lead glasses allow the wearer to use these radiation safety glasses on top of their regular prescription glasses. In fact, at Attenutech we know that both our medical worker customers and their patients appreciate the simplicity.

The ease of using Fitover lead radiation glasses over their regular glasses encourages our customers to make this choice. Additionally, our Lead fitover glasses, help to protect workers in the field that deal with exposure to different types of radiation. This can include workers who operate x-ray machines, fluoroscopy units, radioisotopes and more. All workers that deal with radiation as part of their professions know that there are basic principles to protecting yourself against the dangers of radiation. One of the most basic of these principles is direct coverage from exposure to radiation. Quite literally, Attenutech’s fitover lead radiation glasses directly protect your eyes from radiation.

 Also, they protect your vision from the harmful effects of radiation. They do this at the same level of protection as our regular radiation glasses that our customers know and love. Additionally, the lenses we use contain 0.75-millimetre lead equivalency. This exceeds the industry standard levels of protection for all lead radiation glasses on the market. Our radiation safety glasses are also all made with CE certification. Read on below to discover some of our favorite styles of lead radiation glasses at Attenutech! Then, head to Attenutech.com to check out the entire complete collection of fitover leaded glasses for men and women in all medical fields!

Radiation Safety Glasses Model 33


These durable, sturdy lead glasses are the Model 33 Radiation fitover glasses! Our customers love them for their comfortable fit and the ability to wear them over most prescription glasses. These high-quality radiation-leaded glasses are made of TR-90 nylon frame and distortion free SF-6 Schott glass lenses. The radiation reducing lenses offer a protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency. In addition, these Lead Glasses offer a .50mm Pb integrated lateral side protection.

Radiation Safety Goggles Model 55


These fitover goggles are professional in appearance and performance. The Model Goggles 55 Radiation Glasses, is a fitover goggles frame with blue and white detailing. Also, the radiation reducing lenses are made from distortion free SF-6 Schott glass lenses and offer a protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency. The Radiation Safety Glasses Model Goggles 55 are available in Silver. Doctors and medical professionals love these for their durability and toughness.

Radiation Safety Glasses Model 38


If you’re looking for a wrap around style of fitover lead glasses, you should check out the Model 38! The Model RG38 Radiation Glasses is a fitover rectangular frame. The wide lenses offer a large range of protection and completely cover your regular glasses. These high-quality radiation leaded glasses are lightweight made of TR-90 nylon. Plus, the radiation reducing lenses are made from distortion free SF-6 Schott glass lenses and offer a protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency.

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