Chicago, November 30th – Today marks the exciting launch of BraveHeartsTV, a dynamic new TV network committed to delivering family-friendly entertainment with a purpose. BraveHeartsTV is set to revolutionize the world of television by offering a diverse range of shows that cater to all ages and interests, from humor and sports to business and beyond.

Laugh, Learn, Love with BraveHeartsTV

BraveHeartsTV – Network is dedicated to providing a platform where families can come together to laugh, learn, and love. Our extensive lineup of shows promises something for everyone, ensuring that viewers can find content that resonates with them on a personal level. Whether you’re seeking uplifting personal stories, the thrill of sports, the insights of business, or the warmth of family-friendly fun, BraveHeartsTV – Network has it.

Where Stories Transform Lives

At BraveHeartsTV, we believe that entertainment should serve a higher purpose. Every show on our network is a journey of inspiration, empowerment, and joy. Beyond the screen, our mission is rooted in supporting families facing adversity. When you choose to spend your time with us, you’re not just watching television; you’re making a difference.

Join Our Community

We invite you to become a part of the BraveHeartsTV community, where the power of stories can change the world. To watch, look for and download the “BraveHeartsTV- Network” app on your ROKU TV or Amazon Fire TV device. By tuning in and engaging with our content, you’re contributing to a greater cause – one that supports families and promotes positive change. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the magic of television with a purpose.

This is just the Beginning of the Beginning

Every week we will be expanding the network, adding shows and episodes to our exciting line up. To stay updated with the latest highlights, stories, and interviews, we encourage you to join our FREE CLUB Newsletter. It’s the perfect way to bring the best of BraveHeartsTV directly to your inbox, including exclusive content and exciting weekly prize draws.

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Sherry Sarver Johnson, Executive Produce|Email:|Phone: 800-219-4995

About the BraveHeartsTV – Network:

BraveHeartsTV is a groundbreaking television network dedicated to providing family-friendly entertainment that educates, inspires, and empowers. With a diverse collection of shows that touch on various aspects of life, we aim to create a positive impact and support families in their journey through life’s challenges. For high-resolution images, logos, and additional information, please visit our website at

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