It is said that talent was banging on their doors to do this. Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day is going to face some competitions from a large scale concert, as is claimed by some reports.

Mark Ross, the concert promoter from Democratic Party and the son of the late Time Warner CEO, Steve Ross, is reported to be organizing a concert titled ”We the People”  that is going to be held in Miami on 20th January, the day Mr Donald Trump is due to be sworn in as President of America.

There is no clear information as to who might perform in that concert, it is reported by sources that Mr. Mark Ross, The Politico Playbook, is getting lots of interests from the big stars, who are keen to be involved with the concert. Mr. Ross is reported to be in the process of organizing the funds for the concert.

Mr. Donald Trump showed his interests to have Elton John for the concert, but the star singer promptly ruled him out of this event. The Italian Tenor, Mr. Andrea Bocelli, also reported to have recently backed out from performing in the ceremony. He was reported to have said that there was no way he would take the gig.

Vince Neil is also reported to have backed out from the event. The Rolling Stones, who issued a statement earlier this year stating that Mr. Donald Trump does not have their permission to use any of their music during his public appearances, is also reported to have turned down the offer to take part in the concert.

However, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir have reportedly agreed to perform in that concert, despite the Mormon community opposition to the candidacy of Mr. Donald Trump.