Hongkong, Nov 19, 2019 — JUDYHUA Studio was founded in Shanghai, China, under the leadership of pioneer designer Hua Juan.

JUDYHUA, its main brand, has become the leader of China’s designer brands with its minimalist architectural style, excellent design, high-quality fabric and exquisite workmanship, and is hailed as a luxury from China by mainstream media and consumers. It also has in-depth cooperation with top brands in different industries such as Cadillac, Dyson and Harry Winston.

Hua Juan, the designer, has won the “China independent designer” award in ELLE Style Awards; She won the “Most Stylish Award” of Shanghai Fashion Week twice in a row.

She is also the first designer in China to collaborate with Dyson, a British technology brand, and the first designer in Asia to collaborate with Harry Winston, a global top jewelry brand.

As a high-end fashion brand loved by elite consumers, the designer Hua Juan is good at getting inspiration from the architecture, and her design reflects the inner temperament and connotation of women with precise cutting, delicate and restrained details.


In October 2019, JUDYHUA held a spring/summer 2020 fashion show. More than 1,600 worldwide elites from all over the world came to the show. JUDYHUA used an immersive fashion show that interweaved sensibility and rationality, contemporary art and high technology, industrial design and fashion design. This fashion show not only received numerous applauses in the fashion and art circle, but also made JUDYHUA, once a low-key high-end fashion brand, become the most frequent buzzword during this year’s Shanghai Fashion week.

The key words of JUDYHUA2020 spring/summer series fashion are “sense of industrial technology, sense of movement and poetic artistic atmosphere”, which runs throughout the whole show. The 3D panoramic tunnel at the entrance, the high-tech naked eye 3D holographic projection before the opening, the ubiquitous light and shadow changing geometric patterns matched with the pioneer electronic music, the elegant and soft feminine flavor, and the combination of Mondrian and Malevich style color blocks throughout the whole process provide the audiences an immersive fashion show.

This season’s designer Hua Juan drew inspiration from Bauhaus Art, using geometric cutting and superb color matching techniques to make fashion full of strength in simplicity. Mondrian cutting line outlines a simple and sharp shape, which was more sculptural under the support of high-tech self-developed fabrics. The expression of architectural language embodied the simple, pure and sharp style in the design, and emphasized the innovative spirit and the mastery of exquisite technology.

In addition, makeup was also a highlight of the show. The mixed-blood supermodel Mae Lapres opened the conference. Her makeup was full of a sense of technological future. This makeup was designed by Faye Wong’s special makeup artist Zing.


Among the independent designers in China, Hua Juan’s color control ability is rarely matched by others, and her natural talent is to play with colors easily and freely. Petit sugar, a fashion critic, said: “The superb color matching techniques echo the Mondrian dress, one of the earliest signals of cross-border collaboration between art and fashion, which was recorded in the history of Yves Saint Laurent, the God’s favored one .”

“She doesn’t need to think about the matching to get an ideal fashion styling. “With regard to the new series, Zheng Miaomiao, a senior fashion designer, affirmed the integrity of the shape in Hua Juan’s works. Tmagazine, a well-known fashion magazine, also commented that this spring/summer fashion show of JUDYHUA2020 “has realized a collection which can be called fashion textbook. ”

For designer Hua Juan, the release of her works every season is just a long-lasting “feminist movement” based on her own cultural background and era. She believes that fashion is more than material consumption. Fashion is about self-expression and spiritual belief, which can bring exciting power.

20191005 JUDYHUA SS 2020 LAYOUT 07 拷贝

Behind these different forms of clothing in Hua Juan’s works, there is a precise grasp of social consciousness, life form, aesthetic value, etc. carefully outlined by the designer: Even a waistband, the treatment of different stripe details inside and outside, the way of slit, the texture between the real and the unreal, etc. all extend their due speculation in this movie. Hua Juan firmly believes that fashion is an external extension of the wearer’s inner spirit and a comprehensive embodiment of life attitude and taste.  Her design works not only have great tension, but also reveal the pursuit of detailed texture everywhere, showing the style and taste of urban women.

Fashion brings not only the practice and enjoyment of beauty, but also spiritual self-pleasure and spiritual promotion. In addition, Hua Juan’s brilliant use of color makes every work unforgettable. And every woman in JUDYHUA has become a “fashion benchmark and spiritual leader” of her group from the inside out.

With the rapid development of fashion industry, it is believed that fashion has gradually lost its essential attribute as a garment. Instead of focusing on design, designers are engaged in series themes and marketing, which ultimately makes the information conveyed by clothing superficial. However, Hua Juan stands on the opposite side of this popular view and believes that fashion is undoubtedly the carrier of information. Clothes are not only clothes, but also the way people express themselves.


For this reason, JUDYHUA, with its unique low-key style, has been highly recognized by industry insiders and elite consumers, and has the reputation of ” Chinese designer’s brand that can compete with first-line luxury goods. “. Hua Juan can always transform abstract artistic concepts into real and touchable forms and contents, and then transmit the female posture of this era through clothing. Because of this, women in JUDYHUA fashion always give people the image of independent, bold, self-consistent and gentle like women poets, which is also an important reason for JUDYHUA’s elite customer groups to support her for many years.

With the brand DNA of “innovation, subversion and excellence”, JUDYHUA has grown up all the way, which is also a practice of her inner self.

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